• Binvestor is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk. Crypto assets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection.

Basic account

B Investor

They offer a low-cost entry point with minimal fees and commissions

B Investor basic account with a low-cost entry point and minimal fees and commissions offers an attractive option for a wide range of individuals, including new investors, students, and budget-conscious people. The low-cost entry allows people to enter the financial market with ease, while reduced fees for transactions and maintenance further make this option affordable.

However, to offset these low costs, basic accounts may have limited services, such as restrictions on the number of free transactions or investment options.

The transparency and accessibility of basic accounts have made them popular, especially among those who are just beginning their financial journey. The clear detailing of fees, including any additional costs, ensures users understand what they are paying for


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B Investor
Basic Account

Increased leverage

Access a higher level of leverage for all assets

Leveraged crypto trading

Access leverage when trading cryptoassets

Volume-based rebate

High volume traders can enjoy rebates on their trades

Learning Platform

Simple setup and management, ideal for beginners and limit access for learning


Who is the Basic Account suitable for?

The Basic Account is suitable for new and casual investors looking to learn about investing without committing to large investments

Are there any minimum balance requirements for the Basic Account?

Typically, the Basic Account has low or no minimum balance requirements, making it accessible to many

What trading platforms are accessible with the Basic Account?

The Basic Account usually provides access to basic trading platforms and tools for entry-level investing

Are there any fees associated with the Basic Account?

Some fees may apply to certain services within the Basic Account, so it’s recommended to consult the specific fee structure